Books #4 and #5 of 2014

So, I've decided that I'll try and blog about every book I read this year. Even if it only ends up being a few lines. My plan is to read 50 books, and so far I'm on track. The first book I finished was The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson, which I loved. The second book I read, and have already blogged about, was Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, another thumbs up there. The next two were short and both nonfiction.  Not a whole lot to say on it, one I adored, one had its flaws. If you enjoy a good biography or an unbelievable nonfiction short story from an author who manages to pour emotion into every sentence. 





101 Things You Didn't Know about Jane Austen by Patrice Hannon
Published on January 19th, 2007
I borrowed this from my local library


      While I always enjoy biographies, especially biographies about authors like Jane Austen, I wasn't super impressed with this one. 
I did enjoy the fun format, it was quick and intriguing. I also enjoyed learning about Jane's family. 
     I don't think this book delivered on its title, however. There definitely wasn't 101 new facts, maybe 101 speculations. I also wish that this biography focused more on Jane than on her characters. I understand that her characters are a part of her but that wasn't what I was hoping to gain from this book; I wanted more about Jane and more about the little things that aren't constantly talked about. 
    All in all, this is a fun and quick read, but not for someone who is looking for an in-depth look into Jane Austen's life.




Close Quarters by Amy Monticello
Published in 2012
Borrowed from the Amazon Kindle Library


     Close Quarters is a short nonfiction story about the author's childhood and the relationship of her parents. It's complicated and beautiful and felt close to home for me. She has a way of turning her short story into something close to the prose of poetry. It's a short read but it was so good I devoured it in an hour. I've read some of Amy's other projects, most of which have been published online.
     I don't have a lot to say about this EBook. It's beautifully written and organized and after you're done you feel like you know this author and her parents in a very personal way. I found myself looking back on my own childhood and my own parents' complicated relationship and how it has shaped me. 
     Seriously, if you have even an hour or two, grab this one. It's FREE to read if you have a Kindle. It's worth it. Trust.